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Sejon returns to Etichetta Nera with his first long player project in The Nonconformist. Produced over a period of ten months, Sejon throws away any industry expectation and expresses his personal vision and styling of techno over ten tracks.

Embracing deep, spacial and energetic timbres, Sejon delves further into his own musical perspective than previously, resulting in an album which is a true reflection of his inspirations & experiences.

Dez : Well done!!! Nice one!!!

Paco Osuna : Will try thanks ;)

M.R.E.U.X. : nice Moments

G-MAN : nice techno tunes..will fit nicely into my sets ..full support from G-MAN

Greg Gow : Nice tracks will play quite a few favs ae nonconformist and enlightened

Roberto Figus : Nice tracks !!! Thanks

Richie Hawtin : downloaded for r hawtin

Markantonio : Downloading for Markantonio...thanks for the music!!!

Rich Jones : Lovely, deep, smooth, dreamy techno!! Loads to choose from here, and all of them are excellent. Great LP! Thanks :)

Slam : cool grooves - thanx

DVS1 : a few in here for me. THanks

Danny Tenaglia : Thanks!!!

Dave Simon : Amazing Album, loads of powerfull Tunes... will play for sure!

Angel Molina : Magic Stones, Indigo Skyfold, Perception, Deception... many good and playable tracks, thanks!

Iori : Nice Tracks!

Stanny Franssen : In the playlist for sure. Hard to pick one favourite. ;-)

Steve Lawler : Downloaded for Steve Lawler, thanks.

Plural : Nice Lp ! Will play!

Anders Hellberg : Sojourn for me. Perception is also a great track!

Joseph Capriati : Downloaded for Joseph Capriati, thanks.

David Att : Thanks. D

Dj Hyperactive : Few track on here for me. Thx ~ Hypr

Lee Holman : Some nice bits in here. Deep and with touches of Soul, Deception and Sojourn being my favourites. Thanks for sending!

Aleja Sanchez : Amazing job! thanks!

Jerome Baker : Some really great tracks in this release! Thanks!

George Apergis : Really quality album

Victor Santana : The Nonconformist is for me. Boom LP. Gracias.

Ivo Toscano : Really good Techno Here, Tnx!!!

Electric Indigo : perception is nice.

Marco Carola : downloading for marco carola, thanks

Justin James : Wow...Great techno here...My faves are "A New Earth", "Perception" and "Deception"... :)

Ambivalent : A lot of excellent stuff on here. I'm a Sejon fan, looking forward to checking these out closer and hopefully playing some of them!

Onirika : really a great package. support. thanks.

UGLH : Really nice thx

Flug : Will try this one, thanks.

Anderson Noise : thanks for the music

Jorge Savoretti : nice deep techno tracks! will play some for sure

Jeff Rushin : Some nice deep tracks in here. Perception and Indigo Skyfold at first listen.

Tunnel : All tracks are perfectly crafted techno. Great listening!

differentgrooves.com : supported by different grooves

Chris Liebing : thanks

Benoit (TSUGI) : some cool tracks tx

Chance McDermott : Sounds good!! All trax are bangin' Thanx

Dave Miller : Good stuff!!

Jay Denham : Nice tracks. Will give then a try.
: endgt037
: The Nonconformist
: DIGITAL: Techno

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